December 2015 Ubulungiswa/Justice Collaboration. A collaborative art project about social justice by twenty-six artists from different disciplines. The first installation of the work was exhibited at the Michaelis Gallery, University of Cape Town at the Michaelis School of Fine Art Graduate Exhibition.

29 August - 15 November 2015 Karoo Disclosure. An art collaboration set in the Karoo area, South Africa, exploring the relationship between land, culture and fracking installed at Iziko South African National Museum. The collaboration was between Deborah Weber, Damien Schumann, Elgin Rust, Gina Waldman, Maxim Starcke, Lisa Bauer, Michelle Liao, Tom Glenn, Peet van Heerden, Hendrik Dudumashe and Paula Kingwill.

April 2013 Translation Games. Collaborated with artist, Elgin Rust and fellow photographer, Trevor Adeline. The performative installation was exhibited at the Association of Visual Arts.

November 2009 - April 2010 Swallow My Pride was initiated and co-curated by myself, Dale Washkansky, Lizza Littlewort and William Martin. The group exhibition was shown at Blank Projects in Woodstock.

31 March – 18 April 2008 , photographic collages, “Everything Must Go” and “StoreAll” exhibited at “Upstairs Downstairs” at the Association of Visual Arts. “Downstairs Upstairs” at Kwa Mlamli’s, Gugulethu, I exhibited “DSL”. Curated by Bettina Malcomess

21 February – 29 February 2008*, Cape Town Pride Art Exhibition, art installation entitled “The Lonely Years”, screen printed necktie and mirror.

22 February – 21 March 2008, Month of People’s Photography, exhibited one Digital Joiner Photographic Collage, and called “Street Shopping” for “Home Sweet Street.”

June 2007 A two-week project, created an unconventional mural for Beulah Bar’s dance floor using stencil art and Perspex cutouts, in collaboration with Tanya Laing. The bar is situated in Greenpoint and is part-owned by Myrna Andrews.

April 2007 Exhibited two of my joiner photographs, entitled “Mosselbaai”, September, 2006 and Tergniet, December, 2006 at the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunste Fees for the exhibition “Van Boerekitch en Ander Dinge”. Curated by Gordon Froud of the Gordart Gallery in Johannesburg.

March-April 2006 My series of photographs entitled Cloneurbia exhibited at art exhibition “Uninhabited Territories”as part of the Next Wave Festival in Melbourne, Australia. Curated by Fionna Maxwell.

February-March 2005 Exhibited part of my Cloneurbia series at the “Third Month of Photography” exhibition at the Castle of Good Hope. Curated by Geoff Grundlign, Peter Badenhorst, Dale Yuldeman and Jenny Auschler.

2004 Co-founded the Kopseer Art Collective. Worked as Events Co-coordinator for the “Best Before One” multimedia art exhibition.

November 2004 Exhibited my video piece “Welcome to Cloneurbia” at “Video Channel” in Tokyo. This work was subsequently exhibited in the Kobe Arts Center and various screenings around the world.

October 2004 Exhibited The Coffee Drinkers in the Sex En Kultuur “Perceptions on Queer Marriage” exhibition. Curated by Wayne Durno.

August 2004 An exhibition of my work, “More of the Same: Snapshots of Cloneurbia” was held at Caffeine. Curated by Claire Breukel.

June 2004 My photographic essay, “Cloneurbia” was published in the magazine Itch, Creative Submission Quarterly, 1st Edn. , Vol. 2.

December 2003 Exhibited my Honors Year project Cloneurbia at the Michaelis School of Fine Art Graduate Exhibition, University of Cape Town.