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    November 6th, 2016 | 36 images

    Art Education 2011 - 2017

    I have six years experience teaching Visual Art and Design to primary and high school students at a diverse range of schools including St George’s Grammar School, St Cyprian’s School, The Children’s Art Centre and Tableview High School. I am currently working as a Creative Arts teacher at Fish Hoek High School. I have lectured Photography and Visual Literacy at the Stellenbosch Academy for Design and Photography. I also have facilitated a number of photography related workshops aimed at university students, designers and crafters at the University of Cape Town, Cape Town Craft and Design Institute as well as Iziko National Museums.

    I believe Arts education is a vital part of children and youth’s social, emotional, and cultural development. Engaging in the Creative Arts has the power to heal and renew emotional state.
    Where there are no words, the Arts can articulate.

    What currently excites me about teaching Design and Visual Art is creating positive and social change through the art making process where design thinking, critical thinking, collaboration, creative problem solving, independence, responsibility and accountability are activated. I believe creativity can turn environmental and socio - economic problems into opportunities and empower youth to become imaginative and socially conscious citizens of the future.