Artist, Art teacher, curator and commercial photographer are some of the roles I have used my creativity for.

Dóttir means daughter in the Icelandic language and Dóttir photography intends to be a reflection of my creative work from the past thirteen years.

I have a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts specialising in Film and Media Studies from the University of Cape Town. My final years BA Fine Art series entitled Cloneurbia, was included in numerous exhibitions, both locally (Cape Town Month of Photography) and internationally (Next Wave Festival, Melbourne) and was published in Itch magazine (Bell Roberts Publishing).

Two recent publications include: “A Queer Thing Reflections on the Art Exhibition Swallow My Pride” (Duke University Press, November 7, 201) and “Not No Place, Johannesburg, Fragments of Spaces and Times”(Fanele, 2013). “A Queer Thing” co-written with Dale Washkansky focuses on our 2010 art exhibition

Swallow My Pride, a visceral response to the commercialization of gay culture in Cape Town and a critique of notions of queerness and its visibility in the public sphere. In “Not No Place” co written and edited by Dorothee Kreutzfeldt and Bettina Malcomess, fragments including some of my photographs ( the Sandton Sun lobby and a Men’s Outfitter’s interior), experiences fictional and real, documents, newspaper articles, surveys, plans, court proceedings and architectural objects are collected and presented.

I have five years experience teaching Visual Art and Design to primary and high school students at a diverse range of schools including St George’s Grammar School, St Cyprian’s School,The Children’s Art Centre and Tableview High School. I have lectured Photography and Visual Literacy at the Stellenbosch Academy for Design and Photography. I also have facilitated a number of photography related workshops aimed at university students, designers and crafters at the University of Cape Town, Cape Town Craft and Design Institute and Iziko South African National Museum and Gallery.