March 20th, 2007

Photographic Collages

I am fascinated with creating joiner photographic collages. David Hockney who used this collage technique in the eighties has influenced me. Like Hockney, I find using this technique I am putting more time into a photograph. It feels like I am drawing with my camera and by doing so, I feel I am observing more, as opposed to capturing one dead moment in time. However my Joiner Collages are different from Hockney’s because my images unfold linearly in some kind of narrative or action, there are some absences in my work, whereas Hockney documents the whole scene completely. The absences guide the eyes around the composition, so that the audience sees what I have observed. It is up to the audience to use their imagination to fill in the gaps.

When I started experimenting with photographic collage, I used photomerge in Photoshop to blend and join different images together. For group exihibtions “Upstairs Downstairs” at the AVA in 2007 and “Readymade ” at Kizo gallery in 2007, I rewound to analogue photography and joined the collages by hand. This technique allowed me to create one of a kind art works that cannot be reproduced in the same way again. Layering photographic paper onto other photographic paper, the joins are noticeable, there are no “Photoshop tricks” to make these works seamless.

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