June 19th, 2013

Not No Place

On any journey in a South African city one will encounter the fake and the informal. Moving from the interior of Sandton’s Sun Hotel, one will drive past informal traders, before reaching the highway, which would take you to the inner city, where you would encounter an outdoor market for traditional medicine, next to men’s outfitter shops at the same address since the 1950’s.” (Bettina Malcomess)

This photographic project was a collaboration between myself and art writer Bettina Malcomess for an art grant from a German magazine, Neon. In 2013 the Sandton Sun lobby and the Men’s Outfitter’s interior photographs were published in a book called Not No Place. Johannesburg. Fragments of Spaces and Times. This collaborative project between Dorothee Kreutzfeldt and Malcomess takes one on a textural and visual journey through Johannesburg past, present and imagined.

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