August 29th, 2015

Karoo Disclosure

Karoo Disclosure explores notions of heritage, culture, ownership, and legitimacy in the context of external economic and political drivers that threaten to change the Karoo landscape and the lives of it’s communities in unforeseen ways.

Karoo Disclosure, a collaborative art installation investigated the highly contentious issue of fracking. This installation was exhibited at Iziko’s South African Museum from August 29 until the November 15, 2015.

The installation included the Karoo Disclosure film, that was shown at Iziko Museum Night, That Art Fair and selected for the Karoo Indy Film Festival, alongside the photographic works and Karoo specimens from the Iziko Museum collections.

The opening of Karoo Disclosure also featured a discussion panel on the issue led by experts in anthropology, climate change, art and natural science including WWF’s energy expert, Saliem Fakir, UCT Anthoplogy Professor Lesley Green, UCT Art Professor Virginnia MacKenny and art theorist Andrew Lamprecht.

The collaborating artists included: Deborah Weber, Damien Schumann, Elgin Rust, Gina Waldman, Margaret Stone, Maxim Starcke, Lisa Bauer, Michelle Liao, Tom Glenn, Peet van Heerden, Hendrik Dudumashe and Paula Kingwill